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The vulva comprises the external genital organ in women, with the surface covered by skin.

Itching, which is an unpleasant sensation, of the vulval skin is a very common symptom in women, and most women will experience vulval discomfort, soreness or pain at some time in their life.

This is a very common reason for women to seek medical help, but too often women endure this pain and sexual dysfunction with no definite diagnosis.

Here at the McIndoe Centre, our dedicated Vulval Clinic is run by a multidisciplinary team of leading experts. We offer the highest quality of medical care utilising the latest research and state of the art treatment methods, delivered by an understanding and friendly team.

The Vulval Clinic at The McIndoe Centre

The McIndoe Centre is a trusted provider of Gynaecological care, and one of the preeminent centres of its kind in London.

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