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Thrush, sometimes called candida, is the second most common cause of an abnormal discharge. About 75% of women will experience an episode during their life. Typical symptoms that women notice and complain of are a thick, white/yellow discharge and itch.

Thrush is usually easy to diagnose as it is a yeast (fungal) infection and can be readily seen under the microscope in about 60% of cases. It is also very easily cultured in the laboratory. Roughly 20% of women carry thrush in their vaginas as a commensal (not causing harm). Therefore, sometimes when it is found it is assumed to be the cause of the symptoms in error.


Treatment consists of antifungals. Unfortunately, many women will experience a recurrence and sometimes these are frequent. There is no long term cure but we can devise a personalized management plan for you to help reduce your suffering.

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