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Bleeding after sex

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Bleeding after sex can be quite alarming, but is not usually serious.

Bleeding during sex is similar.

It should always be investigated.

Causes for bleeding after sex

  • Hormone imbalance may cause bleeding after intercourse. This bleeding comes from inside the uterus during sex. This is the most common cause of bleeding during sex or bleeding after sex.
  • Inflammation of the cervix, which causes the cervix to bleed when touched can cause bleeding during intercourse.
  • Infections such as sexually transmitted diseases can cause bleeding after intercourse
  • Damage to the vagina by rough sex
  • Vaginal dryness particularly after the menopause can cause spotting after sex.
  • Polyps on the cervix or in the uterus
  • Early pregnancy complications, such as a miscarriage can cause bleeding after intercourse.
  • Very rarely, bleeding after sex can be a sign of cancer of the cervix or vagina

Treatment of bleeding after sex

Sometimes no treatment is necessary. If the bleeding is coming from the cervix, and is troublesome, the cervix can be cauterised. Other bleeding after sex is treated depending upon the underlying cause.

Careful diagnosis

We would usually arrange a detailed pelvic ultrasound scan

Careful examination is important

What will happen during your visit?

We will ask you about your symptoms and other related matters.
We need to examine the cervix and vagina. We are looking for where the bleeding is coming from. At the same time we take swabs for culture and STD tests and sometimes a smear test.
We often use a more detailed examination of the cervix. We call this a colposcopy.
A pelvic ultrasound scan looks at the inside of the uterus and ovaries.