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Abnormalities of the Cervix

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Many women develop abnormalities in the Cervix or Vulva at some time in their life. To better understand this, please have a read of our FAQs, and of course give us a ring should you require further information on 020 7637 1075.


  • Is an abnormal cervix serious?

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    When the cervix is thought to look abnormal, most times it is just unusual and not abnormal at all.

  • How is an abnormal cervix investigated?

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    The cervix can be examined in detail using a colposcope which is like a magnifying glass. With the very good light of the colposcope the skin of the cervix can be examined in detail. If any of the cervix still appears abnormal, a tiny biopsy can be taken.

  • What is a cervical erosion?

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    A cervical erosion is a normal appearance on the cervix. The skin that lines the canal of the cervix rolls out to the outside of the cervix at puberty. This skin is very thin and looks red, a little bit like an ulcer, which is why it was called an erosion. In fact, it is healthy skin and a completely normal appearance. This finding is often called a cervical ectropion to emphasise that it is not abnormal.

  • What are cervical polyps?

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    A cervical polyp is a small skin tag of cervical skin hanging down from within the canal of the cervix. It looks like a little finger like protrusion coming down the canal. Cervical polyps usually cause no symptoms at all. They are almost always benign.

  • How are cervical polyps treated?

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    Cervical polyps can usually be removed very easily in the outpatient clinic. They are usually twisted off to remove them. They are usually sent to the histology lab to confirm that they are benign.

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